"We would like to thank you for your fantastic service that you offer for advertising in Village Life... I have never had any delay, or any frustration for my advertising orders. A service of great value, which covers most areas suited for us to reach."

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Village life enables readers to look locally for their products and services not only for ease but to support their local economy in Ascot, Chobham, West End, Bisley and Horsell. Research has shown that a large proportion of readers are still not using the internet and welcome and do keep their 'easy to store' Village life booklet. Some readers keep a years worth to refer back when required!

Why advertise in Village life?

  1. No call centre
  2. 100% customer service
  3. Flexible advertising
  4. High-quality content in high quality A5 colour gloss coated publications
  5. Supports local groups, societies and charities
  6. Targeted, local circulation in AB demographic
  7. Monthly advertising builds up trust with readers
  8. Takes your business to the door of pc12,000 prospects monthly
  9. Complimentary editorial with longer term bookings

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Formats & dimensions

Standard page

Format Dimensions
Quarter Page 63mm w x 93 mm h
Half Page 128.5mm w x 93m h
Full Page 128.5 mm w x 190 mm h

Premium pages

Format Dimensions
Front Cover 125mm w x 170 mm h
Back Cover 128.5 mm w x 190 mm h
Inside Front Cover 128.5 mm w x 190 mm h
Inside Back Cover 128.5 mm w x 190 mm h
Centre Page 128.5 mm w x 190 mm h

Acceptable formats: PDF or JPEG (minimum 300 dpi). Please contact us for copy deadlines.

Format examples

  • Advertorial
  • Full page
  • Half page
  • Quarter page

Need a designer?

If you do not currently have an advert then we can provide a professional Graphic Designer to design and produce your advert for you at a very competitive rate. Please contact us for more details.